Consultancy and Special Services

Consultancy and Special Services

We setup the company as a single, fully-integrated entity in which everything-is-related-to-everything for everyone sharing the same philosophy and objectives orientated towards client satisfaction, interaction, and tranquillity.

Each new service request is analysed by the team as a whole with the aim of recommending alternatives and optimising solutions.

Through our personal approach to analysing problems (a more creative and multi-disciplinary vision), the solution is not always found in the obvious because we believe that viewing the problem from a different perspective generates new, more attractive solutions.

Experts in:


Urban, technical, financial and legal for any asset type regardless of the phase they are in.


Great flexibility when evaluating large portfolios in limited time frames.


VIVIREMOS: Alteba is pioneer and to date is the only property service company that has implemented a social mediation programme between property owners and defaulters both for out-of-court negotiations to collect overdue loans or rents as well as accelerating property repossession or recuperating it if illegally occupied.

We are the forerunners in this activity with excellent results in terms of success ratios and recovery times as well as responsibility with regards to the social protection of property owner entities.

We combine our vision about property assets with social actions that facilitates the provision of alternative solutions to the owner with regards to legal eviction proceedings depending on the real value of the same and vulnerability of the defaulter.


Our services cover all areas of property promotion. Development management, building management, marketing and sales of developments.

Building management of any type of property regardless of what phase it is in.


Maximum flexibility when setting up bespoke teams and procedures to facilitate solutions to client-specific problems. We count on a network of multi-disciplinary collaborators nationwide.