About Us

Who are we?

ALTEBA is a property services company that responds to the demands of the client in any aspect related to the property business.

What do we do?

From a relationship code with the client (focus) with emphasis on our COMMITMENT TO DELIVERING RESULTS, Our MISSION is to ASSESS, DESIGN, AND EXECUTE, action plans from the perspective of understanding our client, attending their demands, in a personal and customised way that responds exactly to their requirements.

How do we operate?

Our understanding and solution of the «problem» goes through the following phases:

  • Analyse the SPECIFIC DEMANDS of the CLIENT.
  • APPLY our TALENT, INTELLIGENCE, and INNOVATION when searching for all ALTERNATIVE solutions.
  • DESIGN and DEVELOP the selected ACTION PLAN.
  • IMPLEMENT IT, managing the entire process, committing ourselves to the end result.

Integrated Management System

We have developed an INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (setting up a company that is fully-integrated with an everything-is-related-to-everything concept, sharing the same philosophy and objectives), orientated towards client satisfaction, interaction, and tranquillity.

Each new service request is analysed by the team as a whole with the aim of recommending alternatives and optimising solutions.

Through our personal approach to analysing problems (a more creative and multi-disciplinary vision), the solution is not always found in the obvious because we believe that viewing the problem from a different perspective generates new, more attractive solutions.